This week has brought on the serious weather with temperatures remaining below freezing 24 hours a day, heavy snow falls and the sun getting just warm enough to make ice glaze over the snowy ground.  Walking isn't too much of a chore, but stepping off the bus can pose a hazard, as I found out the hard way.  Everything is fine, but my knee isn't terribly happy with me right now LOL.  Here are pics I took this week.  Enjoy!

Sangri Elementary (highest elevation point of all the schools I teach at)

Sangri again... loved the tracks the cars made in the morning ^^

Yongmoon - Lowest elevation point.  The snow fell later towards the end of the school day.

The sharp corner sign across the street from Jeyong's parent's business in Yongmoon.  I call it "Catching Snowflakes"

Eunpung / Hari from the bus window

Eunpung / Hari from the bus window - farmlands

Rita and Lisa hanging out with me after school.  I heart these girls!

Ssam Jeniffer is taking a picture of the drawing I did for Rita and Lisa.  Their instructions:  draw a rabbit, dog, and person ^^.