This school week wrapped up with a bit of friction between a female administrator and myself.  Sadly, the English department (IE my koteacher and myself) is the last to know anything about what goes on in the school, so we were under the impression that we had no classes Friday, since the school had organized a field trip to the amusement park in Daegu.  This also meant that I believed Ssam (short for teacher) Heo to be in Daegu.  Friday morning I texted my koteacher (Jeniffer) to let her know I would take a vacation day (she had suggested the idea to me) and imagine my surprise when 8:30 rolled around and it was Ssam Heo knocking at my door.  Well, apparently only 4-6th grade went.  I told him to head to school so he wouldn't be late and I would ride the bike in. 

I got to school before 9, so everything was ok, but all of the male administrators were gone, so only the female ones were left.  The female admin reprimanded me when I came in and said something about me having a fourth period (I'm not even 50% sure of what she said) and I replied 아니요, which is a polite way of saying NO... and then she blew up at me in front of the other teachers.  The  remainder of the day I kept a low profile and asked Ssam Heo to tell her I'm sorry and try to apologize to her or find out what the hell I said that caused such a big reaction.  Regardless, the atmosphere is still weird even today (Monday), so it's troublesome. 


That afternoon, Nina, Jonah and I had made plans to take the bus to Busan.  Jordan was to meet us the following day.  So, we hit the road.  Blame it on me that we ended up taking the wrong bus and landing in Pohang LOL... but, in my defence I was only listening to the bus attendant's advice and got on the bus at platform 2 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ,  Anyway, it made for an interesting experience and we finally made it to the jjimjilbang in Busan around midnight.  The  next morning we woke up to a spectacular view along the beach.  We ate some ramyun at the little cafe and headed out to do some sight seeing. 

Once we'd explored the beach, we decided to go to Shinsegae department store, which is the largest department store in the world.  It has a jjimjilbang with a 5 star rating (couldn't go personally, because they don't allow people with tattoos inside), a golf course, a skating rink, event hall, etc.  Not to mention a crazy amazing food area in the basement, where you can get just about anything and everything (except oatmeal, dammit). 

Around 5 ish we bid farewell to Shinsegae and took the subway to Jagalchi Fish Market, which is the most famous in Korea.  There we were greeted with stand after stand selling a jaw dropping assortment of seafood.  Even more impressive were the containers of squid packed in ice, which covered a section of floor the size of a basketball court! 




For dinner we decided to have the king crab, which had caught my eye earlier.  The king crab was 60won per kilo and we scored a whopping 2.4 kilo crab for dinner.  My friends had never experienced pulling crab meat directly from the shell, so I taught them and Nina had never had crab meat period!  (How is this possible?) and she soon fell in love. 




The rest of the night we spent roaming around that section of Busan.  We left and made our way to the beach, where we drank and relaxed before heading back to the jjimjilbang... only to find out that they were booked for the night.  We spent another 45 minutes trying to find a place to stay and finally Jonah scored us a room at a hostel not too far away.

This actually turned out to be a nice place, so there's a chance we'll go back there next weekend when the National Fireworks Festival is going on. 





The next day we got up and went to the Busan Aquarium.  Not much to tell, if you've been to an aquarium, then you already have an idea of what it contains.  It was nice, though!  Then it was back to Shinsegae, where I had ZERO luck finding anything.  At around 5 we regrouped and left for the bus terminal... all buses to Andong were SOLD OUT.  So, Daegu it was.  And from Daegu to Andong.  And lastly Andong to Yecheon by taxi.  HOME!!!! 

So, it was a great weekend with lots of adventure and experiences.  We've all agreed that Busan and Daegu beat Seoul as far as our favorite cities.  Busan I like more, because of the variety of things to do and Daegu, because of my awesome motorcycle friends living there. 

Next weekend we'll be hitting the fireworks festival, so bac to Busan again ^^.