Confused much?  Cuz I am LOL.  Actually, my Korean friend Mr. Choi asked to go out on another date and so, we rounded up Jeyong (One of my Korean male friends that speaks great English and I hang out with all the time) and Lee (my soju drinking buddy/partner in crime/sister in another life) and headed for Andong.  As most of you know I have a love for speed and things that go fast.  So, having been moseying around the countryside at speeds that would make my grandma wanna pull out her shotgun and kill the driver just to rid the world of one more annoyingly slow car on the road.. well, last night was like a non-stop adrenalin rush.  Finally, a car (new Audi A6) with a decent engine that hits you low when it accelerates, goes from 40 kph to 180+ kph faster than I can say "more please" and is smoother than a shot of Maker's Mark ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.  Yes, it was that awesome for me.  

So, we hauled it to Andong to a posh Japanese restaurant, where we feasted for over an hour and half on a prix fixe dinner of raw fish, shellfish, and various side dishes.  Everyone but our gracious host (who obviously was driving) had some soju.  We then rounded the corner to the coffee shop, after which we made our way to another Japanese restaurant/bar where we feasted on a fruit platter and soju for dessert.  I think our Thanksgiving dinner went from 6:30 to 1:30am LOL.  Which, considering there are two people who are native English speakers and two people who are native Korean speakers and only one person who is decent in English there... that's an insane amount of time spent talking and laughing.  ^^  Killer night!  I am glad I went, because otherwise I'd have had a sad Thanksgiving.