Ava, Jonah, and Michelle playing Uno and Ishmael, Jordan, and Nina playing the "I've Never..." drinking game
 Christmas was lovely, regardless of the lack of family.  I ended up extending an invitation to all my Yecheon friends and inviting them over for roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, and various desserts... as well as a Dirty Santa gift exchange party.  

165,360 Korean Won worth of beef.  It comes out to almost $159 US dollars
 The beef was Korean and was outstanding (you should have seen me trying to order a large cut of prime Korean meat at the market.  I was so proud of myself when I walked out of Emart with the perfect cut of beef.  You have to keep in mind that to order a big slab of beef is not a Korean thing at all.  They associate large chunks of meat and steaks with Waygooks and immediately thought I would be making steaks out of the meat.  They have no concept of a roast.  

Roast with a garlic, dijon mustard, rosemary, cracked pepper, and olive oil crust.  After it was ready I sliced it and served it with a Boursin style cheese drizzle
Jeyong, who came later to the party, was amazed at the meat and couldn't believe I was serving it so rare.  But, he LOVED it and ate a couple servings.  Ishmael and Linky both made some South African dishes for everyone to enjoy and they were wonderfully delicious!

After we ate dinner I served up the Prune Cake (aka Yummy Cake) and Banana Cake along with the peppermint mallow stuffed cookies Michelle brought.  This was followed by hours of drinking and playing games!  For the Dirty Santa game I scored an awesome Airsoft pistol with 'silencer', which was test fired in the apartment by myself and Jonah.  Man, Korea doesn't have guns, but I can bet I'd round up a rabbit or two with the airsoft!

After Christmas I took the rest of the week off to relax and enjoy some downtime.  I spent it with my friends and also went glasses shopping.  I bought an awesome pair of Tag Heuer glasses, which are incredibly light!  Tonight is New Years Eve and I've no idea what we're doing.  But, since Jordan is laid up at my house with an ankle that is beyond messed up (he twisted it snowboarding with his school Saturday), it is doubtful we'll be doing much.  You know me... I like to play mom LOL.  So, maybe drinks, games, and food at my place?  We shall see!

New glasses 

More snow!!!  Two days of almost non stop snow in Yecheon  

Made some kimchi jjigae, bulgogi and bought some yummy bancheon for dinner Saturday and Sunday night