So, English Camp was rescheduled for the following week, which turned out to be great!  We had a lot of fun baking cookies and decorating them, and the students got to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas, which is a classic (as far as I'm concerned).  

 The school board of Yecheon-Eup issued a ton of money to the elementary schools and demanded they use it for another English Camp, so this saw me scrambling last minute to come up with another lesson plan.  Unfortunately, this time no one took anything seriously, so I found myself becoming frustrated to the point of almost screaming at people.  You know how teachers always complain about the school system in America being concerned too much about saving face, the wallets of the administration and the teachers and students end up being the ones that suffer?  Well, it's not any different here in Korea.  

This week I walked into my room to find boxes and boxes of books we DON'T need, while I would give almost anything I own in Korea to get some text books for my 1-3rd graders.  Was either my Koteacher or I consulted?  No, the administration just took it upon themselves to order a bunch of books that will never be read... or we ALREADY OWN.  Thank you awesome people.  ㅠㅠ

Since the last couple weeks have been a stress fest I decided to host a small pre Christmas party at my house, which was attended by Lee, Jeyong, and Jordan.  We cooked up a storm and had a Christmas seafood feast complete with fresh shelled crab and oyster stew, oyster dressing, banana bread, a shrimp appetizer and an assortment of cheese and sausage with bread and wine for dessert.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a welcome relaxing evening for all.

Since that was such a rousing success and having been privy to the homesick mutterings of my friends (and, of course... MY OWN) I have decided last minute to have a Yecheon-Gun wide Christmas party at my house tomorrow evening.  I am going to cook a roast of some kind along with mashed potatoes, some sort of dessert and have left the rest up to the other ambitious culinary inclined attendees.  So, we shall see what they bring in!  

As for what is going on with school, I'm officially on break, but don't let that fool you.  Since we have such an amazing principal, I still have to go to school every day in order to collect my pay.  So, needless to say I am writing this from my classroom computer on Christmas Eve.  Where would I rather be?  HOME WITH MY FAMILY, DAMMIT! 

 Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and may it be an awesome one, folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some additional picture of things that went on over the last two weeks...

Banana's Foster covered Camembert with Guinness

I'm whipping up the Bananas Foster

The Han River is freezing over

Caramel Apple Cobbler I made for the faculty at Yongmoon

Served with ice cream

Buckeyes I made for my English Camp students

3 pounds of garlic I peeled... Jordan helped towards the end ^^

Florida Oranges at EMart in Andong

Sushi dinner we ate this past week

Live octopus in sesame seed oil and seaweed (notice the blur marks on some of the pieces of octopus^^~ yes, it's wiggling and suckers are working just fine LOL)

Spoon Worms (they move, too), Sea Slugs, and Oysters

After shave... reminds me of home (Pasco County)