Sunday morning around 4:30 saw me crawling into the truck with mom and dad.  I was so happy that both of them took me to the airport, but cried like a complete dork when kissing them goodbye.  The plane trip went smoothly, until I got to Korea and found out my bags were still in NYC.  Thankfully, my bags will be delivered to my school tomorrow morning. 

Monday night I arrived to Incheon Airport in Seoul and the hostel my agency had booked turned out to be pretty great!  It was right next to the airport and had a convenience store and numerous small restaurants downstairs.

I, as you probably surmised, managed to find some locals to have dinner and a bottle of soju with (soju is the national alcohol of Korea).  My new friends spoke roughly 5 things in English, so all the Korean I've learned came in handy!!! 

The next morning my driver picked me up and I went back to the airport to catch my bus to Andong City .  There was an American English teacher on the bus with me and she and I talked the whole way there (roughly 4 hours).  Anjilu is in her mid 60's and teaches at the college level.

The landscape is beautiful, as you can see.  Rice fields are everywhere and much of the terrain reminds me of being near San Diego California, where there are fruit trees growing on the sides of the mountains.  I arrived in Andong-Si to be greeted by colleague, Heur (male 2nd grade teacher), who was a fantastic guide last night.  Heur speaks English very well, so I took the opportunity to work on my Korean, while he responded in English.  We arrived in Yecheon around 5:00 (it's only 15 miles or so from Andong-Si) and my co-teacher Jennifer met us at my new apartment.  Seonsaegnim Jennifer is probably in her late 40's and is much more reserved than Heur, however equally as delightful and welcoming. 

My apartment is wanja daebak (very awesome)!!!  I live in the commercial part of Yecheon and am literally on the same block as the hospital, the largest grocery store, a Tae Kwon Do gym, and a bunch of restaurants.  It's a 5 floor walk-up and I live on the fourth floor.  Heur and Jennifer were amazed at how large the apartment is (3 bedrooms, bath, kitchen, living room and porch).  I love it!  However, the internet is not wireless, so that's a bit of a bummer.   

The number of historical national treasures here in Yecheon is astounding!  I'll be teaching at Yongmoon Elementary School and it is literally within walking distance to the Yongmoon Prayer Hall where the monks live.  Happy me!  LOL!!  It's now almost 8 am here and I am about to go to school for my first day of class.  Classes began Monday, so I am a couple days behind, however I'm very much looking forward to it!  Yeorebun Saranghae-yo!  (much love, everyone!)