So, last night instead of making coffee I decided to use one of the packets in the cabinets left from the previous tenant.  BAD move... within 5 minutes of having just tasted the powder mix my vertigo was so bad it was like someone had hit me on my head and I was face first in the toilet.  I spent the next couple hours actually laying on the bathroom floor due to the frequency of purging.  If I tried t even lift my head the vertigo would be so bad that it'd make me sick again!  Finally I was able to crawl my way to bed and go to sleep. 

Heur called me in the morning and met me downstairs and we walked around the corner to the hospital.  They admitted me and immediately I was sick again.  YACK!!!  They immediately put me on IV fluids and gave me anti-nausea meds.  I stayed there from 6:30 until 12 and was only sick one more time. 

Afterwards they went ahead and took my urine and blood tests, vitals, and xrays for my E-2 teaching visa, so that's now over.  Since then I've been at home sleeping and have eaten rice sparingly with some green tea and water.

I will have to go back to school tomorrow, since it's a school I've yet to teach at and they're waiting for me.  But, hopefully I will be ok and will make it through the day :D.