Park Geun-Hye has become Korea's first female president.  Madam Park has my admiration, but I cannot be a true sympathizer as she is a candidate of the red party (which is the highly conservative party... the one I don't see eye to eye with when it comes to issues that should not be political ones, IMO).  Korea's politics are no different than America's in that area.  Also, President Park's father was the former president of Korea and was a bit on the tyrannical side.  He was the catalyst for the deaths of thousands of civilians in Gwangju, who were killed and suffered years in prison, all for political reasons.  Still, President Park Geun-Hye has had her share of personal torment, having seen the murder of both parents.  We shall see how her presidency plays out in the ensuing years.  Regardless, good luck President Park and good luck KOREA!