Cool rusted bicycle I saw while jogging through the alleys

It's weird... when I lived in the states I could barely get up before 10 am and wouldn't go to bed until 3-4 am, but now I find I'm comfortable getting up around 6 and going to bed before midnight.  Because of this I decided to start jogging in the morning.  Which turned into jogging last night, too and going to the park for the first time.  BTW... the weather decided to brighten up here and it's been sunny all weekend and at night the temperature has been cool and breezy.  Yay!

Such a fun bridge!

Uhm Tae-Woong's cheering me on as I run ^^

Resting at the riverbank for my evening run...

In Korea, most recreational parks have exercise equipment!

The bridge at night... public funding must have
paid for the artistic lighting.  Nomo Ippeo!!!

A blur from far away ^^

The Farmers' Market... Honestly, I felt too rude taking pics
while all the vendors were open, so I waited until my evening
run and snapped this quick pic.