I decided to switch my vacation days from February to January, since I'm no longer planning on going to Vietnam or the US.  Thankfully the principal isn't here this week, so I only had to ask the Vice Principal, who is a total sweetheart.  To butter up the faculty I decided to make some 떡국 (ddeokguk), which is a traditional Korean soup made with beef brisket and Korean dumplings.  I actually brought the ingredients into school this morning (yes, I took the bus) and cooked it in my classroom.  

I invited all the teachers and faculty, but I believe they either questioned my cooking skills or were concerned there wouldn't be enough.  So, in the end it was an intimate gathering of 6.  As a result I had a lot left over, so I walked over to Jeyong's parents' store with the remainder.  I don't know if Jeyong's mom called in the troops, but when I stepped into their store front I was greeted by roughly 10 Yongmoon men I'd never met.  They were giggling at the rather surprised American girl who'd arrived, arms laden with a huge pot of soup, rice, fried egg, and roasted seaweed.  

I hope, for my sake, that the soup tasted good... otherwise I may never live it down!!!!!