The other night oppa took Jeyong, Lee, Jordan, and me out to dinner for fresh BBQ'd eel.  First of all, I have to say the Japanese Unagi have NOTHING on how the Koreans serve eel up.  Seriously... KILLER!  Each of us were served at least half an eel, cut into bite sized morsals, baked to a crisp mouth-melting perfection and then drizzled with a light sweet plum sauce.  Yes.... yum. 

Afterwards, oppa took us to a traditional Korean tea house where we had a variety of delicious herbal and fruit teas.  When we arrived there the first room you enter is the garden room.  There you can warm yourself by a large charcoal filled stove and you can also partake in an awesome Korean tradition:  making sugar candy.  So, oppa proceeded to whip us up some, after which we munched on while drinking our tea. 

So, what's the big hype?  Men... pay attention.  This sugar candy thing is mindblowingly awesome for us ladies.  Why?  Because it's sexy AND cute!  Thus my conclusion that Americans should adopt this tradition.  If you have any doubts..l try it and see how the girls respond ^^.

Now, for the tools and the how to....

All you need it sugar, a tiny pan and something to stir with, a piece of polished stainless steel (like a cheap tray) and another piece of stainless to press the mixture down when you pour it into the tray. Put a few tablespoons of sugar in the pan and put directly on the stove top and stir constantly until it turns into a milky caramel color, then pour onto the stainless plate and press down flat. It becomes instantly brittle.  Scrape the hardened sugar from the pan and proceed with the munching.  ;P