Fabbing up a Spacer for the Bonneville Speed Week Race Bike's Primary Cover

May 26, 2011
Kyle from Lowbrow scored a vintage primary cover for his Bonneville Salt Flat bike.  Though his bike has a Bob Newby primary race kit installed and doesn't need a primary cover, the rules at Bonneville require the primary to be covered enough that a hand can't get inside (weird, huh?).  Anyway, since the vintage cover doesn't touch the case, I'm making a 1/4" spacer/gasket out of aluminum to compensate.  Here are some pics of the work I did today.

The primary...

The inside of the spacer is cut out...

The outside of the spacer is cut, but lots of meat is left on it so I can trim it down to the perfect size

The trimming has begun :).  Will finish it up tomorrow!

The 1958 Chevy Impala

May 26, 2011
So, I decided to pull some prints off the Chevy letterpress block.  Since I don't have an actual letterpress, I'm inking these up and hand transferring them.  No easy feat, but I'm enjoying the outcome so far!  Going to add some screenprinted background to the next few I do, but here are the results so far...


Cool Finds...

May 22, 2011
I stumbled across some cool pieces to add to the home decor...

Old fab and fix-it lube tins, a fog light from a Model-T, and the piece de resistance... a HUGE printing letterpress block of a 50-60's Chevy Impala in mint condition with the etching company's name stamped on it!

So, Given the styling of the back end of the Impala, I've concluded this is a 1958

Sweet vintage Halloween masks


EDR 2011 Cross Country Road Trip Photos

May 22, 2011
More images taken from the actual trip from Indy to Mexico and back...

While stopping to help some guys with their bikes in Mexico, I took some photos of the cacti around...

Taken in Texas near the New Mexico border....

Taken in Texas near the New Mexico border....

All Bikes in Arizona... A motorcycle and bicycle graveyard

All Bikes in Arizona... A motorcycle and bicycle graveyard

All Bikes in Arizona... A motorcycle and bicycle graveyard

Off-roading the Beaten path in Arizona

Way cool road where the creek flows over... in Arizona

Kyle taking a breather...

Sun flare :)

Nearing Mexico

Clouds and cacti

Trinidad Mexico... on the Baja 1000 course

Outside of Ensenada nearing Tijuana

El Pastor is yummy!

A carnival set up along a side street in Tijuana

Got my churros while waiting to cross the border

The rain is pouring down into this valley in the background, yet the sun shines brightly illuminating the spectacle

Train, mountains, and clouds....

The same rain and clouds, but with a hint of a rainbow

How's your Peter Built??

Racing trains... with the clouds falling to the ground behind us

Sunsets on route 66

The painted desert

The painted desert

A petrified tree turned bridge in the petrified forest

The Painted Desert

A dune-like formation in the painted desert

A double rainbow! 

Women only fake orgasms because they think men care....

Steak at the Texas Steak House... home of the free 72 oz steak :)

Time for me to dig in, too!

EDR 2011 Riders and Bike Culture Photos

May 22, 2011
Here are a few images of the riders, locations, and sights experienced along the way...

Bill from Biltwell, Inc. sports his Kickstart Cycles and Four Aces patches

One of the Jersey boys gets a ride on the ultra light glider

Walter from Kickstart Cycles enjoys a San Felipe marguerita

Mexican "Pop-Up Ad"

Bill from Biltwell takes Wes from Four Aces out for dinner and a ride

Kyle from Lowbrow Customs enjoys the view while stopping to help some riders

Holding the bike while trying to kick it over...

Seeing the bikes roll up inspires this kid from Trinidad, Mexico to ride his bike fast and hard down the dirt road

A local sells ice cream in Trinidad

Salt flats just outside of San Felipe

EDR 2011 Bikes

May 22, 2011
Here are photos highlighting some of the bikes that were brought out to the El Diablo Run.


Road Trip 2011

May 3, 2011
We're two days into the drive to meet up for the El Diablo Run and 2500 miles have been added the jeep.  We're obviously not taking a direct route :).  I've never been this far west, so the terrain is unfamiliar and incredible! 

St. Louis... Love the sign!

Oklahoma and the Vacuum Museum... A week before there was a tornado a mile wide that cut across a small town in southern OK.  The aftermath reminded me of a hurricane's.  The carnage was often hidden behind a disheveled forest with only pieces of tin roof indicating what could not be easily seen.  At the moments where I could get a clear view it was too late to photograph.

Closing in on West Texas... This photo I shot reminded me of a polaroid, but it was taken with my old 3G Iphone

These rock formations in West Texas remind me of the images I've seen showing desert dunes like in the Sahara

Picnic area nearing the border of West Texas and New Mexico.. photo op :)

Kyle's posing in front of his jeep.  Reminds me of the New Jersey "And what?" pose

West Texas again... we're on I-10, which starts in Florida and ends in California

A border sunset...

Yup that's New Mexico.  This was roughly 8:30 PM Mountain time and by 4:00 AM Pacific time we were in Phoenix Arizona.

More pics to come soon

Ava For Example... A Buddhist's look at Ava Gardner

April 27, 2011
I stumbled across this the other day at Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar Blog

Before Ava Lavinia Gardner (1922 - 1990) was Ava Gardner, she was Ava Gardner. Ava Gardner did not have to practice being Ava Gardner. To the contrary, all she had to do was be herself. Since she managed to naturally, effortlessly, and spontaneously be herself, she was that indivisible essence of being referenced by the generally agreed-upon name Ava Gardner.

Whatever qualities, characteristics, legends, or descriptions we wish to ascribe to the being referenced by this name, such qualities, characteristics, legends, or descriptions neither define nor delimit Ava Gardner.

If, for example, you say Ava Gardner was a remarkably beautiful woman, employed as a motion picture actress for the whole of her adult life, who liked to smoke, drink, and roll around on the sheets, you will have missed entirely the equality and purity of Ava Gardner as a natural manifestation of timeless awareness.

If you attempt to apprehend Ava Gardner by comparing her to all those women who are not referenced by the name Ava Gardner -- saying, "This is Ava Gardner," and "This is not Ava Gardner" -- you will be unable to experience the spontaneous presence of Ava Gardner as neither divisible nor indivisible purity.

Similarly, if you say that Ava Gardner engaged in effort in order to become Ava Gardner, i.e. that Ava Gardner was in some fashion the result of such effort -- such effort being viewed in this instance as the "cause" of Ava Gardner -- then the always-abiding Ava Gardner, effortlessly present, will be lost to you.

If you make an offering of your understanding of Ava Gardner to Ava Gardner, then in just this sense haven't you separated yourself from Ava Gardner? More to the point, haven't you divorced yourself from your own unified, essential being-as-inseparable from the basic ground that neither contains nor omits Ava Gardner or you?

If you selectively mine characteristics you have fictitiously attributed to Ava Gardner,  and then use them as a basis of imputation, saying, "Oh, she drinks like Ava Gardner drank," or "She dances like Ava Gardner danced," or "I wish I had Ava Gardner's lips," or "I wish I could have kissed Ava Gardner's lips," then you have imprisoned Ava Gardner in a referential state that directly opposes her actual, empty, non-referential state.

In the West, it seems there is a problem distinguishing between the practice of Buddhism as a graded, inquisitional exercise in dialectics, and the pass-fail, snake-in-bamboo practice of Vajrayana. Since Tibetan teachers have been coming to the West for the past four decades, and the problem still persists, I thought I would forget the whole thing and watch television instead.

There was an old Ava Gardner movie playing, and I watched that for a while.

Some people keep birds in cages. In South-East Asia, you can buy them at temples and set them free. I did that once myself, in Bangkok, only to watch them wheel around in the sky for a few minutes, and come back to the bird sellers, there to be sold again. Actually, the birds and the bird sellers are bodhisattvas, who manifest in this fashion in order to provide the opportunity to create merit. So, this is fictitious merit,  accrued in a fictitious circumstance, dedicated to fictitious beings, and subject to being exhausted.


Aston Martin DB5 Wire Frame Sculpture

April 10, 2011
While researching methods others have employed in order to create my wire frame CB350Four I stumbled across this Aston Martin DB5, which was fabricated by Swiss artist Dante.  This Aston Martin, however, is a 1:4 scale and a total of 10 were fabricated, selling for £88,000 each.  To read the full article check out Top Speed's blog.


Recreating a '72 Honda CB350Four...

April 9, 2011
As most MFA students, I find myself nearing the end of my days in grad school and scrambling to construct my thesis project before the 1st of May.  Combining my love of motorcycles and having great conversations with random people, I've decided to reconstruct my experience of riding a motorcycle, which to me is a symbol of freedom, self-centering, living in the moment, and living for myself.  Though the actual sculpture has more elements than this, I thought I'd hold off on elaborating and just show the work as it progresses. 



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