We're two days into the drive to meet up for the El Diablo Run and 2500 miles have been added the jeep.  We're obviously not taking a direct route :).  I've never been this far west, so the terrain is unfamiliar and incredible! 

St. Louis... Love the sign!

Oklahoma and the Vacuum Museum... A week before there was a tornado a mile wide that cut across a small town in southern OK.  The aftermath reminded me of a hurricane's.  The carnage was often hidden behind a disheveled forest with only pieces of tin roof indicating what could not be easily seen.  At the moments where I could get a clear view it was too late to photograph.

Closing in on West Texas... This photo I shot reminded me of a polaroid, but it was taken with my old 3G Iphone

These rock formations in West Texas remind me of the images I've seen showing desert dunes like in the Sahara

Picnic area nearing the border of West Texas and New Mexico.. photo op :)

Kyle's posing in front of his jeep.  Reminds me of the New Jersey "And what?" pose

West Texas again... we're on I-10, which starts in Florida and ends in California

A border sunset...

Yup that's New Mexico.  This was roughly 8:30 PM Mountain time and by 4:00 AM Pacific time we were in Phoenix Arizona.

More pics to come soon