Over the past 4 weeks I have been spending time in the Lawrence community meeting residents, patrons, visitors and asking them to participate in my poll.  So far I have visited Hindel Bowling Lanes, Lawrence North High School, Mike's Car Wash, Lawrence North Library, Midwest Model Makers, and a couple churches.  My goal was to collect 10% of the population's votes, but time's ticking away and I've only collected about 900.  The top words as of today are:

LOVE = 221
HOPE = 203
FREE = 165
WISH = 160
SOAR = 154
GROW = 143
DARE = 138
GIVE = 120
LEAD = 117
HEAL = 114
RISE = 106
PLAY = 102
HELP = 97

I will conclude the poll on Monday after visiting the North Lawrence Library and Mike's Car Wash.  On Tuesday I will make a decision as to whether or not I will issue a second poll featuring just the top 14 words.  If this happens, the poll will last no more than a week.