Now taking orders for 
Production in February!!

Greetings Geared-Up friends!!!  Good news- I'll be returning to the states in February 2015 for a whole month to fulfill all the pre-orders you've contacted me about and have been graciously waiting to receive.  So,  if you're interested in having something made, please contact me ASAP, especially if you're desiring the inclusion of a specific brand and/or part in the design.  As always, I love to collaborate and make your moto table, lamp, chair, whatever it is you envision come to life!

As always, if you're interested in a helmet holder (I still have a couple available) or a lamp (I'm down to just one: made of two transmission shafts, bearings, and a clutch basket~~~ and it spins! $100.00) then contact me or purchase them through Paypal.  Cheers!


Geared-Up Designs features a variety of items for your home, office, garage, shop, etc all made from repurposed motorcycle parts.  Each item is created by disassembling engines and bikes, cleaning the parts, then arranging and TIG welding them into a functional work of art that's perfect for moto aficionados.

If Shipping internationally, please contact me at to confirm shipping rates.