The Yellow House
Reclaimed wood, paint, brads
42" x 30" x 20"

This piece originated from the controversial 2008 bank bail-out.  During this time lending institutions received billions of dollars to cover the decrease in Americans' abilities to pay their bills - or so I was led to believe.  Either way, the banks may have received reprieve, but Americans did not.  Most of us felt the iron fist of late fees and overdraft fines, increased interest rates, repossessed vehicles, and worst of all became homeless. 

Seeing the outcome of lack of government regulation on lending institutions made me furious.  As a citizen I felt powerless.  As an artist I wanted to project what I believed was a primary contributing factor to the situation. 

The piece is constructed in a style reminiscent of older frame houses, barns, and wood living structures.  Specific architectural details subtly reference the White House, while the remaining aspects are ambiguous.